Kieker 1.9

Package kieker.analysis

Interface Summary
AnalysisController.IStateObserver This interface can be used for observers which want to get notified about state changes of an analysis controller.
IAnalysisController This is the interface to AnalysisController, allowing not only to access read-methods but also to modify the analysis itself.
IProjectContext This is the interface which allows the analysis components a slimmed-down access to an instance of the AnalysisController.

Class Summary
AnalysisController The AnalysisController can be used to configure, control, save and load an analysis instance.
AnalysisController.AnalysisControllerWithMapping This is a wrapper for the AnalysisController which contains a mapping between the model instances and the actual objects as well.
AnalysisControllerThread Allows spawn the execution of an AnalysisController into a separate Thread.

Enum Summary
AnalysisController.STATE An enumeration used to describe the state of an AnalysisController.

Kieker 1.9

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